Here’s your roadmap for the semester!

  • Content (): This page contains the readings, slides, and recorded lectures for the topic. Read and watch these first.
  • Assignment (): This page contains the instructions for each assignment. Assignments are due by 11:59 PM on the day they’re listed.

Public Finance Content Assignment
January 20 Introduction to Public Finance
January 27 Income & Consumption Taxation
February 3 Memo 1
February 3 Property Taxes & User Fees
Financial Management Content Assignment
February 10 Financial Accounting I
February 17 Memo 2
February 17 Financial Accounting II
February 24 Cost Accounting
March 3 Memo 3
March 3 Procurement
What is an ideal revenue system? Content Assignment
March 10 What is an ideal revenue system?
March 10 Presentations
March 11 Final project due (submit online by 11:59 PM)