Here’s your roadmap for the semester!

  • Readings should be completed before each class session
  • Assignments are due by 11:59 PM on the day they are due
  • Class materials (slides, in-class activities, etc.) will be added on the day of class

Public Finance Reading Assignment Class
March 18 Introduction to Public Finance
March 25 Income & Consumption Taxation
March 29 Memo 1
April 1 Property Taxes & User Fees
Financial Management Reading Assignment Class
April 8 Financial Accounting I
April 12 Memo 2
April 15 Financial Accounting II
April 22 Financial Accounting III
April 26 Memo 3
April 29 Procurement
May 6 Presentations
Final Reading Assignment Class
May 6 Final project due (submit online by 11:59 PM)